(6275800000-03) Complete Upper Lid Set for CD-LCC30/40/50 & CD-LFC30/40/50 (Pure White-WA)


Complete Upper Lid Set for CD-LCC30 CD-LCC40 CD-LCC50 & CD-LFC30 CD-LFC40 CD-LFC50 (Pure White -WA) (w/Inner Lid Rubber Seal) 6275800000-03 

Please note that if your CD-LCC30/40/50 is an older model (more than 5 years old), this is not the right colour. You will need to order 8-CDL-P010 the "White Grey" or "Creamy White". Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Price: CAD$49.50

Item Number: 6275800000-03